Glen vade aka w3ird0 Started spinning records back in 2003. Originally as a jump/hardstyle dj under the name of dj w3ird0. with his best mate Jona u niq. Who learned him the basics of beat mixing.. Their first stage experience was in a, small dance Cafe in Ninove. It didn't take long before he noticed that jumpstyle wasn't really what he wanted to play. And switched over to house/minimal. As time flew by Jona and glen kinda lost track of each other.. Glen stayed resedents for a few years at Carrera where he mat Vince c.. Competed and won the mushroom Dj contest and became mushroom resident for a short period of time. Over the years glen did some smaller events as guest dj as also resendent in 't kelderke in sinaai. Now..; 12 years after glen and his mentor split up. They found each other again. And performing together as DOUBLE DUTCH!! In a new chapter named. BATAKLANK!