am a Ghent based DJ who started dj'ing  at the age of 18 with a passion for vinyl which got me infected to start spinning records. When I had the chance to buy my friend's vinyl collection and my first turntables and mixer, I was hooked on the feeling of vinyl and how to control it. When I met all round party king P'Doxx almost 12 years ago, who tought me the basics of beatmatching I practiced literally everyday. From then I started developping a passion for electronic music : Trance - House - Tech-House-Progressive - Retro house classics and my everlasting love : Techno. I have played in several bars, nightclubs in Ghent like : Ghuis melle, Rector, Tijuana... also I had the chance to play in one of the most ledgendary clubs in Belgium : La Rocca. Even abroad I played in Tignes (FR) in an apres-ski bar during my week stay over there. Also during this stage of my live I found love and started a family which I am very grateful for. Pressed pause on my CDJ deck for a couple of years to enjoy my family and learning to appreciate smaller things in life. Until I got introduced to RadioBataklank the fever of dj'ing came back and now I am cueing, matching and blasting those electronic tracks again trough your speakers at home every sunday. A new story is starting  to unfold and my passion for dj'ing and electronic music even got bigger. Therefore I would like to thank al the people who kept believing and encouraging me to go on and never give up, my girlfriend, my familiy and friends and my friends at RadioBataklank. What's next? Let's find out !