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Hard Techno / Dark Techno/ Minimal Techno /Techno Eleanor is born in 1980 under the name Els Vancompernolle. Born in Oostende and living in Gistel (Belgium). As a little girl she was already attracted to music, and dancing. And how older she became how more she was atractive to music, and how bigger the dream was to become a Dj. Start to play with vinyl in 2003, and played for various years in Longplay and Neverland at Oostende. Eleanor made a promise to her good friend who unfortunately lost the battle against cancer that she was going to continue with music She played in famous Belgium clubs such as Decadance (Gent), OJ'S (Gent), D-TOX (Denderleuw), Bocca (Destelbergen), Babylon After Club (Zevergem), Boccaccio Beach (Oostende), Kings Club (Aalst), Longplay (Oostende), Neverland (Oostende), Black X (Kortrijk), Catacombes (Roeselaere). Vamos Club (France),Café The (HAMME)Jack (Eindhoven)Le Barabao(FRANCE)Kaai 31 Etc... RADIO STATIONS:DANCE WARZ-TOP RADOIO, TECHNO RADIO ZAGREB(CROATIE)... RESIDENT DJ RADIOBATAKLANK(AALST)Resident dj RUAR_TECHNO INVASION(LONDON) Now she has her own Techno concept TNL TECHNO 3 YEARS 13/08/21 AND A FEMALE FORCE_THE FEMALE TECHNO LEVEL_TNL TECHNO